Tour Information

Ancient Ionia is full of Archeological treasures and was one of the earliest Greek civilizations in Asia Minor which started around 1000 BC. This one day tour will take you to the most important Ionian sites with well-preserved ancient remains.

• Priene

• Miletus

• Didyma

Your tour guide and driver will meet you at your hotel lobby at 08:00 AM in the morning and proceed to visit;

Priene was one of the important ancient Ionian cities built on the slope of a mountain. The ruins are well preserved such as the temple of Athena, theater and agora which creates a great view and sense of antiquity with the view of surrounding mountains and hills.

Miletus is another ancient Ionian site which was part of Ionian League of 12 cities over 2500 years ago. Miletus was home to some of the well known ancient Greek philosophers such as Thales and Anaximander. The theater and the Faustina Baths dedicated to Empress Faustina in 2nd Century AD are well preserved.

Didyma was the cult centre dedicated to Apollo and it was the main oracle centre in Asia Minor. The temple of Apollo where a priestess used to deliver oracle for many centuries is one of the best preserved examples of ancient temple architecture in Ionic style.

Tour will end around 17:00 PM back at your hotel.


This tour run privately and the price change depending on number of people and the pick up point. Please contact us with your details to inquire for this tour.