A culinary walk in Istanbul

Istanbul is an amazing culinary treasure. For years this town has received millions of imigrants from different parts of the country. Bringing with themselves their centuries old habits of food, music and social life, enriched the city of Istanbul in every aspect. Today Istanbul is the largest town with its 15 million population. Istanbul is a heaven to food lovers today. This year we have introduced a new cultural food tour for food lovers introducing Turkish cuisine and the importance of food in Turkish culture. 


We start our culinary walk from Spice Market. Imagine a bazaar dedicated to spices for centuries. Istanbul’s spice market which is also known as Egyptian Bazaar due to Egyptian merchants trading spices in Ottoman times, is full of aromatic spices and herbs. Locals for centuries has been coming to this aromatic market in search of a better taste. The area around the spice market is full of baklava and snack shops. We taste different type of snacks and visit one of best Baklava shop tasting different type of Baklava.


The city of Istanbul is scattered across 2 continents and separated by Bosporus Strait into European and Asian parts. We take a relaxed local ferry for a 15 minutes journey to cross Bosporus to Uskudar on the Asian side. This old neighbourhood is traditional and conservative. We take a walk around the  downtown area and taste sherbet of diffirent flavours. Sherbet used to be the most common refreshing drink before the arrival of carbonated drinks. Uskudar is also a good place to taste and learn how to make Turkish coffee. We will take sit at a local coffee house to see how the coffee made and later enjoy in fine Turkish coffee.


Later we proceed to the town of Kadikoy by public transport and enjoy our final culinary walk around Kadikoy. This town is more secular and outdining town with full of Turkish tavernas. We walk the food and fish market. We will taste anything from medzes the cold starters to stuffed muscles. Finaly we will take a sit in one of the finest restaurant specialized in Anatolian food for further tasting and talking on food.