Arif Yasa



I am an enthusiastic tour guide and Turkey travel specialist who is specialized in Istanbul and Turkey tours, with 14 years of experience. I am licensed with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and also have a BA degree in Tourism Business and Hotel Management. I have studied Archeology, Mythology, Art History, History and Religion, in order to get a guiding license.  I still have a keen interest in all of the above subjects and keeping up with any new discovery that happens in the archeology field in Turkey, as it is such an old country and probably the richest in the world with her Archeological sites, Natural Beauty and Monuments.


For many years I have worked as a Tour Leader and Guide for a British Tour Company in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  Every year I came back at summer season (April to October) to work in Turkey during the tourist season.  I have travelled and led tours to almost every corner of Turkey. I am now living in Istanbul and guiding tours around Istanbul and Turkey. I can arrange any type of trip around Istanbul or Turkey and guide at any site of your choice. With me simply you can customize your own holiday. Hotel bookings, Bosphorus Cruise, Gulet (Turkish wooden motor yacht) cruises, a walking tour through the back streets of Istanbul to explore hidden gems or a private trip around Turkey, all can be arranged for any budget or style of your choice. Throughout time I have established good connections with service suppliers such as hotels, local agencies and guides which makes me very capable of arranging a smooth running holiday anywhere in Turkey. I always wanted my clients to explore and experience real Turkey. For that reason I try to add a home-stay or a home-lunch in a Turkish village or just stopping in a local coffee or tea house to get the real taste of Turkey. If they wish I generally take my clients for a walk around downtowns and talk about Turkish life style, customs, cuisine or anything we come across.

I am also an expert on and always ready and eager to answer questions from expats in Turkey and anyone willing to move to Turkey. 

All our tours are arranged in accordance with Turkish legislation and regulations, I am co-founder of Experta Tours & Events which operate tours under the license name Tessera Turizm Seyahat Acentası, a licensed Travel Company based in Istanbul and a member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) with the license number 7707.

Our Team of Tour Guides & Travel Professionals

We also work with licensed tour guide who are enthusiastic, highly informative, university graduated and willing to share their knowledge and passion for their country. They are all very fluent in English and have great sense of humour. Below is a short list of professional tour guide and travel specialist that I work with most.

Erkan K. (Professional Tour Guide - Istanbul & Western Turkey Tours)

I was born in Iskenderun, ancient Alexandretta where Alexander the Great defeated the Persian Emperor Darius III at the battle of Issus. I have associate degree in Tourism and Hotel management. I also studied Archeology, Mythology, Art History, History and Religion in order to  lead tours efficiently and since 1999, I have mainly led tours all around Turkey, also led tours in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Syria and Tunisia for English speaking people. With me, be sure you will be in safe hands and you will enjoy your time with my stories from ancient times along with modern culture and tradition of Turkey. I am an easy going and a flexible tour guide who likes to share his knowledge and experience of living in Turkey as a native. I am living in Istanbul and leading classic tours of the old city and walking tours through different part of Istanbuls back streets. I also lead tours all around Turkey. On my tours I like to talk about Turkish culture, tradition and cuisine  along with the history of Turkey.

Haluk B. (Professional Tour Guide - Istanbul Tours)

Hello! My name is HALUK (you can call me HAL) I was born and raised in Istanbul. I remember the times in my childhood with friends going to the forest outside our neighborhood in Besiktas for bird watching where there are today high rises . Istanbul has definitely faced a rapid change a lot during my life time some good some bad. As a someone from Istanbul I am able to tell and point out the past and present of Istanbul regarding its culture,social life and history.I graduated from University of Marmara in Istanbul with an BA degree in economics but my intrest in amazing yet diverse history, culture and traditions of my country and my city Istanbul soon paid off and I started to work as an licensed professional tour guide since 1989. I have led many tours to different parst of Turkey both large group tours for tour companies and private tours for individuals and small groups. I have been guiding people around historic Istanbul where all the highlights such as Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace are. I also guided guests visiting Istanbul on Cruise Liner holidays. I am well aware of the time and expectation they have. Over the years I have been blessed to have met and guided many families and groups from around the world.I have gathered a wealth of information throughout my guiding years and still reading and searching new aspect, discoveries and developments regarding,history, social life, modern culture of Istanbul and Turkey. Today I live in Kadikoy, a district of Istanbul on the Asian side with my family.

Selçuk E. (Professional Tour Guide and Istanbul Specialist - Istanbul Tours)

My name is Selçuk. I am a Professional tourist guide, graduated from Anatolian University department of  Public Relations. I’m a fourth generation of the “Eracun”family which has been living in İstanbul since the time of Sultan Abdülaziz in 1870 s. l have been performing my job with the knowledge and responsibility of living in İstanbul, a city of wonders for over one and half century. l worked in Chora (Kariye) and Hagia Sophia Museums from 1997 to 2004. l guided many VIP guests such as  presidents, prime ministers and ministers both from Turkey or from other countries. First of all l wrote a book about Chora Museum which was translated into eight languages. Then l wrote another book about Dolmabahçe Palace and Ephesus Museum. In 2005 I was consulted on the book “Guia De Constantinopla” which tells İstanbul in Byzantine time and another book about the city walls  written by my Spanish friend Francisco A. Blazques. Lately I was assigned as the director of art in a documentary called “Hagia Sophia the Beneath” which about the depths and wells of under the 1500 years old Hagia Sophia. Until this time ,I have  the chance to know and learn İstanbul  both  over and under the land. Also I have attended   seminars giving information on Byzantine and Ottoman times. I’m so glad to introduce you, precious guests,our culture.

Yalçın İ. (Professional Tour Guide/Driver - Ephesus Tours & Ionian Highlights)

I have gratuated from Faculty of Economics at Istanbul University in 1982. After my graduation, I went to England to study ‘’tourism management’’ for 2 years. After I came back to Turkey, I started working in tourism sector as a tour operator and I have been working as a professional tourist guide for more than 15 years.  I have usually worked with well travelled people, groups which had a lot of travelling experince.  I have always had a deep interest in the Turkish history and also in Roman and Hellenistic history along with Christianity. While I am guiding in many different regions of Turkey, I am also enjoying and experiencing more of Turkey I am now living in a village called Kirazli near Ephesus and I have an olive orchard. So, olive and olive-oil is my another occupation in winter time. I like to share my knowledge about the history and culture of Turkey with my clients who are eager to learn more about Ephesus and ancient Ionia. I have a Mercedes Minivan for up to 5 passenger. I can drive you around and guide at Ephesus and other ancient Ionian sites.